Love at first sight @ Love

I believe in pink“, Audrey said once. We can promise from the bottom of our hearts, such thing as unconditional love for pink – definitely exists. Pink colour in the logo is there for a reason – it makes us feel happier. Does pink ever make you feel sad? Neither does us.

The following story is about how we fell in love with Love. Bar. Pink. Would you be able not to fall for those three words? So there is a hidden place in Vilnius. It is possible that you have already passed by it but never noticed that pink heart downstairs. No signs, no cheap advertising – only one pink neon heart on black doors.

Once inside, neon lights around the bar create warm and cosy atmosphere with a little touch of 90’s. It’s a place for a glass of wine, high quality cocktails, unexpectedly good snacks and conversations accompanied by a tasteful music and, of course, the pink.

Vilius, the owner of the bar, told us that everything at Love has been made exactly the way he likes it, without following any trends. The dominating pink colour was chosen by the bar owner, as it’s his favourite colour. Vilius used to live in London for more than 10 years, working in restaurant and bar business. After searching for the place of his own for two years, Love has opened its doors in Vilnius this June.

The interior of the bar has plenty of interesting details. First of all, the bar itself is made of white marble which goes very stylish together with those pink neon lights. Another smart idea – the sound system behind wooden walls, which eliminates echo and allows you to enjoy conversations without too much noise around you. Also, the eye-catching painting on the wall, it has been created by the local artist Laisvyde Salciute.

When asked what makes Love exceptional from the other bars, Vilius said that you won’t have to queue to order a cocktail and it will always be mixed with high quality and fresh seasonal ingredients. Even if you become a loyal visitor to this place, staff will surprise you with new compositions of flavours, inspired by the season of the year, and their mood.

Love is filled with cosy and chill vibes. Once you’ve been here, you will definitely come back again, if not for a sip of cocktail then at least for the power of pink.


Place: Love bar

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Facebook: Love Bar Vilnius

Model: Ekaterina