September days are here

For us getting older means that the time started to fly enormously fast. Sometimes it seems that you just have woken up and the evening is already here. Same is with the seasons. It looks like only a week ago we did a closet revision in order to prepare for summer and here we are straight in the middle of September. And September is very tricky. This month the weather some days is like lasts goodbyes of Summer and some days it is very autumn-ish. Some days are both. This is the time where we start to change our outfits into more suitable for Autumn.

The nature starts changing for Autumn by changing the colour of leaves. So do we – the natural inner choice for different colours starts to appear in our outfits. This fall for us started with wine and dark mustard colours.

Inspired by colours and season of the year, we did some styling and here is some (hopefully) inspiring results!


Styling: Two pretty lines

Model: Miglė

Make up: Ekaterina Fobia

Clothes: Companys

Facebook: Companys