The painter Gabriele: there are no berets

Gabriele Sermuksnyte is the lithuanian painter, artist, owner of her painting studio and the very inspiring woman. Gabriele says that idealized life of an artist differs from reality but it’s a reality what inspires to create the most.


Inspiration:  everyday life: from global events, social media, my family to fashion magazines and bad hair day.

Favorite place:  some kind of outdoor café, next to a busy street where life is booming, heels are bumping, stylish coats are fluttering, coffee is streaming and brilliant ideas are being born.

Book:  Julio Cortazar “End of the Game”.

Song: band which never gets boring – Faithless, but the first song popped into the head is Lana Del Ray – West Coast.

Food: asian food.

What is your story as an artist? What was the beginning: when and why did you took the brush for the first time? Do you remember your first painting?

I graduate from Kaunas Art Gymnasium – the most amazing school possible. Inspired by that magical smell of paint, discoveries, ideas and a feeling of bohemian mood later I have graduate from Vilnius Art Academy and get both Bachelor and Master degrees.

My very first painting, probably, was a kind of etude of nature or still life (everybody starts from it). But my first major work, I have created in the 4th Academy course. from which my style of painting began to develop, and who later traveled around exibitions. It was a beauty table with a mirror, covered with various parfumes, lipsticks and other beauty things. The mirror reflects half of the little girl, and the other side is standing turned away near the table. Its title is “I only hope to be as good as she”.


Are you more a single piece artist or a series artist? What is the main inspiration for your paintings?

I paint series. This does not mean that the same color or motive dominates everywhere. Usually it is the same mood, questions that do not give me peace at that time, some of the main theme of that period, which raises anxiety. Painting is a kind of diary so the daily life situations are an inspiration.


Could you describe your creative process: from the first steps until the final touch?

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint all those who idealize the image and everyday life of the painter – there are no berets, no glasses of wine, no sitting by the window and waiting for muses to come. Everything is scheduled and strict, the day begins early and ends late.

The creative process itself, as I have already mentioned, begins with the certain moods, analysis of the topic and reflection. Then for a while I have these thoughts everywhere with me, until I find (or they find me) the plot, motives, images that convey idea, situation and mood in the best way possible. Every time painting can take different time: sometimes it is quick, sometimes it can last for a few months and sometimes I just take the canvas off and put it away forever.


The creation of each painting is probably a different story. Which one is your favourite?

Every piece has its own different story. Both in music and in the canvas – the memories are captured, a certain period, the atmosphere which was during the painting. By the way, music is very important part of my painting process, all works have their own soundtracks.

Every work is important, different and special, so I can’t single out one.


Your art is known not only local, but the worldwide as well. Where did your paintings have travelled and where they might travel in the nearest future?

I couldn’t say it is already worldwide, but I hope one day it will be. My paintings had been in Poland, Belarus, Georgia, Netherlands and India. It is quite difficult to guess what would be the next destination, but probably as every other artist I also have the dream (and the goal) one day to see my paintings in New York.


What the art means for you?

Art is the perfect composition of ideas, thoroughness, ingenuity, depth and image. This is valid for everything.


Is an Artist born or made – what do you think?

I think it can be both: some are born, others become. However, I do not believe in self-tought (in any specialty). Before finding your style in painting, you must perceive and study all stylistics. In other cases, the style chooses the “artist” (from the ignorance, of course). Most of the times this is with abstractions, which is quite paradoxical because the professional abstractionist must be very good at all styles and movements. You might have natural, innate qualities, the potential or you could only just have a wish to be an artist and idealize this presence of it. However, without working and without collecting “the luggage of knowledge”, without looking to learn as much as possible and, most importantly, without constantly improving -you will not achieve anything.


You have your own studio. What is it for?

For painting.


What would you say for those people who think they can’t paint?

That probably they can not 😉

However, I would say that all people want to become someone, but there are three things that distinguish successful people from the rest ones: it is curiosity, consistency and courage.



Story: Gabriele Sermuksnyte

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Facebook: Gabriele Sermuksnyte