Milan Fashion Week 2017: backstage

Milan Fashion Week 2017 was a blast 🔥

This year not only we felt the pulse of fashion in the city but had a chance to see everything more from inside. Working at the backstage of some fashion shows gave us an opportunity to be a part of this incredible week and see Spring/Summer 2018 pieces from very close.

In general, the atmosphere at shows differed and mostly depended on brand itself. For example, as N21 and MaxMara are more classy brands the atmosphere were quite calm before runway while Moschino almost created a party before the show. One hour before all shows there are only staff working around and approximately 20 minutes before the beginning of show (all shows are always up to an hour late) the doors are being open to photographers, bloggers and buyers, so more bustle starts to appear. This is  the moment were you can also try to take photos because it’s quite strictly controlled.

While working there we’ve noticed some interesting details: to wear black is a must, not a choice. All staff working backstage have to be dressed up only in black – this is a rule. Also, you get a chance to choose a model you’d like to dress up and here starts a competition between staff: everyone wants to dress Gigi, Bella or other famous model. But when all models are ready and show  is about to begin, here comes the silence. Nobody speaks, no chaos only a great waiting for the start.

Here are some sneak peeks from the three #mfw fashion shows: N21, MaxMara and Moschino.


This collection is about the texture and the details. The fabrics are so thin that sometimes it is a bit scary even to touch them. At this SS2018 collection there are many delicate details like lace or feathers. The models of clothes are quite classical: A line, straigt. However, the details and fabrics which were chosen for this collection transforms it from classy to modern one. The dominant colours are pastel: nude, light pink, lilac. Some outfits were also mixed with a bright red colour.
Creative director: Alessandro Dell’Acqua.



Sharp tailored city-chic collection. The colours’ palette is created of lavenders, blues and yellows. Strict silhouettes are soften due flowers motives and nude colors. There was a bloom on runway. We noticed that House logo letters used in the pattern remind a bit of Louis Vuitton (maybe it’s because of similar colors, maybe it is because of the font or shapes).
Creative director: Ian Griffits.



We can sum up this collection in two words: punky pony. It is quite obvious because this one is created in collaboration with My Little Pony. We couldn’t describe Moschino SS2018 better than Vogue did, so here is the quote about this collab with MLP: “Biker ballerinas were Scott’s story on the runway: leather jackets, satin bustiers, tulle tutus, and fishnets in a couple dozen variations, with some DIY tees thrown into the mix.” For us this show was the favourite one. Probably that pink colour used in this collection has something to do with adoring this collection the most.
Creative director: Jeremy Scott.



BTW, movie about Jeremy Scott is very worth seeing: Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer (2015).

For the very end of this post, we’d like to share one of our favourite song from N21 runway, check it out: Tears For Fears – Shout