The full of flavours under the one roof

Sunday morning, the weather is raining cats and dogs, “coffee” is the only word that is spinning in the head and we are on our way to find it where we have never been before. Uptown bazaar is a very fresh (by the all means) place in Vilnius where plenty of flavours are under the one roof. So when you travel here together with your friends, never stress about the different meal preferences – at this place you can eat both oysters and ribs at the one table.

As we came here in search of coffee – we’ve found one and we must say that we’ve found the whole era of it. Kavos era (in english – Era of coffee) – it is an all-day breakfast place which we already tried before in other location in Vilnius. However, we went straight there and ordered the best Benedict eggs in town together with the greek omelette. The latter one was really filled with greek flavours – olives, sun dried tomatoes, other vegetables.


There are such days during the week (we often call those days as Sunday) when sweet sins seems to be not that big or at least we don’t blame ourselves that much for doing those sins. And it is good, because we’ve found a special place here which is called Paradice and serves the ice-cream from heaven. These ice-cream are produced in the Thai way: milk is poured on a very cold plate, then the Oreo biscuit is crushed together with a piece of banana (we chose this taste), and then everything is quickly stirred on this cold plate, applied (the process is somewhat like wall-laying in the building), and ice-cream rolls are formed. Taste – as we said – paradise. By the way, we happended to notice one thing while we were having breakfast at Kavos era: this man, who produces the ice-cream, came to nearby table where family where also having breakfast and gave a portion of ice-cream to the kid. The man explained his gesture: I saw the kid has fallen painfully, maybe the ice-cream will calm him down. You know, we somehow believe that good people create good things. Now it’s your turn to make sure 😉


Continuing to explore this great food area, we decide to taste some of the products which are sold here and we repeat this thing to ourself again: what is what but you could never complain about the lack of variety here. Try the mung beans – as the producers say: these “sweet little beanies” are delicious even by simply eating them alone just with your spoon.


Next we stopped by the olives as it seemed attractive and to find really delicious ones are often a tough task to do. We were right, or – in other words – our eyes haven’t lied. After trying more than 5 different types of olives, after getting to know know that they come straight from Catalonia, we picked the olives marinated with orange.

Moreover, we saw great fish, delicious baked goods, a wide range of ecologic and organic products that we will surely come back to try, because this place has a lot to do with the meaning of quality – hope it will remain this way!

Place: Uptown bazaar (we tried: Kavos era, Paradice, Pilnas puodas, LosMorazos)

Location: Kauno g. 16, Vilnius, Lietuva

Facebook: Uptown Bazaar