When powerful meets rebel

80’s was a time of Michael Jackson, Madonna and Olivia Newton. It has also brought us floppy disks, Nintendo, blue eyeshadows, Rubix cube and boombox. Even though we were not even born back then, some things about 80’s feel very nostalgic. Some magazines name 80’s as a decade of the century and one of the reasons for this evaluation is The fashion.

This Fall Winter season has quite a few shades of 80’s in the Trends and it was an inspiration for these our style picks.


One of the key looks is power dressing. Back in the early 80’s, the world was changing very fast, more women became business-minded and in order to join the boys’ club they needed to dress in the way that would show their power. Strong silhouettes, shapes that are inspired by menswear, broad shoulders (shoulder pads are super 80’s thing) in contrast with slim waist has arrived in Today’s wardrobes straight from the 80’s.


However, in the very late 80’s together with the first releases of Nirvana, the teen spirit started to appear in those days Fashion – more rebel and more grunge details were used. That was the inspiration for our second look: mixing masculine with feminine or in our way: oversized denim jacket and the dress.



While we’ll probably not integrate 80’s hairstyles to finish our looks, we think that some vibes of that time look charming in the outfits.

Jackets and bags: Empyre Beauty lounge

Location: Lithuania

Facebook: Empyre Beauty lounge