Everything old is new again

Sunny Sunday morning in Milan wakes you up better than any nice smell of coffee (but the coffee such morning is like a cherry on top of the cake). Therefore, taking a quick coffee to go from Panini Durini in a hurry to the subway (and in the hurry because we are quite excited), we are finally on our way to the East Market Milano.

Before we get to see the place itself, we are welcomed by the street food scents and sounds of music. We are getting closer to the party 😉 This time East Market celebrates it’s third year birthday. The action takes place in the Ventura Lambrate Design District. The East Market Milano is located in the old engineering company which was built during the Second World War. The industrial / loft / hangar location gives a special charm to this place.

The inspiration of East Market Milano has come from East London markets that sell furniture, antiques, vintages, vinyls, old collections, etc. Therefore, the first thing we see as we entered the place is the glowing motto: Everything old is new again. Indeed, it looks like the past decades reborn in this place: from gramophones to clothes of the disco style – everything begins to look nostalgic but at the same time one can imagine how one or another of the clothes would look stylish when wearing it today.

Probably this East Market can not be described as a place, we will not name it as an event also – this is more like phenomenon. The unique atmosphere is created not only by the location or selling items – the sellers and customers itself seem very inspirational.

East Market Milan takes place at the end of each month, so if you arrive to Milan at that time – really don’t miss the opportunity to visit East Market Milan 😉


And this is what we’ve bought here

Place: East Market Milano

Location: Via Privata Giovanni Ventura, 14, 20134 Milano MI

Facebook: East Market Milano